一乗寺国際研修センター公式HP  Ichijoji center HP


Ichijoji Center & Transnational Lodge

〒606−8142 京都市左京区一乗寺燈籠本町24番地

24-1  Ichijoji-Toromoto-cho Sakyo-ku

Kyoto 606-8142

TEL : 075-723-3770

FAX : 075-723-3776

To our Friends

With ever advancing technologies, people with a variety of background and cultural heritage are coming closer transcending geographical constraints.


Ichijoji Center and Transnational Lodge was built in 1991 to advance the people’s mutual understanding globally and to accommodate scholars and researchers who have come to Kyoto from all over the world. 


It is located in a historical suburb of Kyoto at the foot of Mt. Hiei, which guards the northeastern corner of the ancient capital of Japan for more than twelve hundred years.


On its second floor, five comfortable fully furnished and equipped family rooms are available for you to stay.  Downstairs, the Center has an open conference space, library, Japanese-style special guest room and tea house and a large kitchen for cooking classes.


We hope the friendship of people beyond cultural and national barriers flourish from your experience at our Ichijoji Center.




Ichijoji Center and Transnational Lodge

Toh-Koh-Kai Foundation (Founded 1949)








 一般財団法人 東光会は、”国民保健の向上、医学の進歩、公衆衛生の普及および一般科学の進歩発達に寄与すること”を目的として昭和24年(1949年)に小泉治雄氏により設立されました。新しい国際化時代を迎え、当財団では、時代の要請に応えるべく比叡山の麓、詩仙堂近くの閑静な地に「総合医学研究所・一乗寺国際研修センター」をオープンしました。(1991年)



宿泊施設案内 Accommodations


Every room is equipped with a refrigerator, oven, washing machine, toaster and set of tableware.


室料 / Room Charge

最新長期室料案内 日本語 Sheet1.pdf
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Information for Guests.pdf
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2ヶ月未満の短期のご宿泊もご相談に応じます。 メールまたはお電話にてお問い合わせ下さい。

Area map

交通アクセス Access

最寄りのバス停 ◉「一乗寺下り松町」バス停より徒歩6分


JR京都駅から    ◉地下鉄「北大路駅」で下車

         市バス(北8系統)に乗車[一乗寺下り松          町」で下車


京都大学から  ◉※市バス31系統






Nearest bus stop "City bus   Ichijoji Sagarimatsucho"bus stop                                   

                                     "City bus   Ichijoji Shimizucho" bus stop

From Kyoto Sta.   Take subway to " Kitaoji"station, then take

                                      city bus(North route 8),and get off at                "Ichijoji  -Sagarimatsucho"

From Keihan "Demachiyanagi" station

                                     Take Eizan line to "Ichijoji" station, and                walk 12 minutes to east from the station.

From kyoto University

                                    *City bus route31

                                      Take bus at"Hyakumanben", and get off at

                                        "ichijoji shimizucho"

                                       *City bus route 17

                                       Take bus at "Hyakumanben", get off at                              

                                        "Ginkakuji-michi", change to the city bus

                                         route 5 to "Ichijojl sagarimatsucho"  or    

                                         "Ichijoji shimizucho".